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Traits of intimidating people

Characters can learn these typical attitudes about their class with a DC 10 Knowledge (local) check (DC 5 for attitudes of their own race).

The following race discussions also describe alternate racial traits for each character race.

These attitudes should never be considered restrictions on what classes players may choose, regardless of their characters' race, nor are they a prescription that demands player characters think or act a certain way toward members of a class described as being highly favored (or highly disfavored) by members of their race.As with any alternate or optional rule, you must first get the permission of your GM to exchange any of your character's normal racial traits for those in this chapter.The final section for each racial discussion describes alternative benefits for members of that race taking certain classes as a favored class.Racial traits, on the other hand, are those racial abilities described at the bottom of each race's description.Some races have few racial traits, like half-orcs and humans. All of these racial traits represent typical members of the race and the kinds of special abilities they gain from their heritage, whether from biology, racial attitudes, or otherwise.

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For example, a dwarf with rogue as his favored class adds 1/2 to his trap sense ability regarding stone traps each time he selects the alternate rogue favored class benefit; though this means the net effect is 0 after selecting it once (because 1/2 rounds down to 0), after 20 levels this benefit gives the dwarf a 10 bonus to his trap sense (in addition to the base value from being a 20th-level rogue).