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You can always withdraw consent (courts and even your school may not always recognize that right, but that your right as a human being with sexual autonomy).You can say no to sex with someone even if you've had sex with that person before.You can avoid rape if you don't walk alone at night and don't accept drinks from strangers. The tropes and supposed truisms about sexual assault are decades old, but that doesn't make them accurate.Sexual assault on college campuses is in the news more and more as an increasing number of students come forward to tell their stories, and as the Obama administration and the Department of Education pay more attention to the issue.The difference between a night out in a short skirt that ends in rape and one that doesn't isn't the clothing or the woman's behavior — it's the presence of a rapist. If that old toxic myth were true, someone would have been able to prove it by now."There's also no correlation between number of sexual partners and victimization.

But across the country, the overwhelming majority of men manage to see women in short skirts and have entire, sometimes flirtatious, conversations with women to whom they are physically attracted without raping them.Colleges and even state penal codes define rape and sexual assault differently, but it's generally understood as non-consensual sexual activity, which can be anything from penetrative sex to unwanted sexual touching or groping.And rape doesn't require a penis — objects or fingers can be used to rape or assault.The definition of "consent" also differs — some schools use an "affirmative consent" model, where a person has to give an actual, genuine, and non-coerced "yes" for consent to be obtained, whereas others have more outdated, regressive definitions that in practice require non-consenting parties to give a verbal "no." Most, though, do recognize that drugs and alcohol can impair one's ability to give meaningful consent.And women's rights advocates more or less agree that affirmative consent is the standard. Rapists don't rape because they're uncontrollably horny.

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Yes, there are stranger rapists, but far more often, sexual assailants attack people they know.

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