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The western part, along the coast of the Øresund, is by far the most populated part with a population density of close to 300 inh/km Scania is the only Swedish province for which exonyms are still widely used in many languages, e.g.

French Scanie, Dutch and German Schonen, Polish Skania, Spanish Escania, Italian Scania, etc.

Since 2000, a road and railway bridge, the Øresund Bridge, bridges the sound to the Danish island of Amager.

The HH Ferry route across the northern part of Øresund also remains as an important link between the Scandinavian Peninsula and Zealand.

Scania is roughly equivalent to the modern Skåne County (Skåne län).In 1997 the two counties were merged, and Skåne County has approximately the same boundaries as the province.For the pre-1997 counties see map to the right, which also outlines the still valid municipal limits.The same was also true about the Danish military, though to a far lesser extent.The region did not become part of Sweden proper until 3. Between the initial Swedish conquest and this date, Scania had the same status as for instance Swedish Pomerania, territory owned by the Swedish Monarch.

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