Rubberneck definition online dating

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Rubberneck definition online dating

Maybe, but, given that the exhibit in question was in Spain, that American English already has the well established word "rubberneck" for such behavior, and that the sentence as quoted is well nigh incomprehensible quite regardless of its use of "gooseneck", I think the involvement of a non-English speaker (and, perhaps, Google Translate) at some point in its production is the more likely hypothesis.(It may even have been translated from English to Spanish and back again.) It's a statement by two performance artists who are apt to use colorful and unconventional language.(You even say you understood it yourself.) There is zero evidence that the word is based on a mistranslation of a Spanish text - I can't even imagine what the Spanish word would be that might have be machine translated (or otherwise mistranslated) by "goosenecking." As poor writing, its not nearly as illiterate and unintelligible as you're making out.With regard to the grammatical error, all we have is a sentence fragment, so it's not entirely clear what the antecedent of "its" might be.

I don't know why this is the subject of any debate just because njtt can't find it in an online dictionary.

I think you need to provide some actual textual evidence that the original quote was in Spanish (or another language) beyond an unfamiliar idiomatic usage. So the metaphore was the artist putting a toilet on 5th avenue as Installation art. If it had to be requested, per-approved, proved to be financially viable, then would you get it ? some model sky scrapers with water pouring on them.

"Rubbernecking" and presumably "goosenecking" also imply that the person actually has to turn their head or otherwise strain to see the thing in question, like a long-necked bird.

I've never heard of any idiom for rubbernecking that would translate to goosenecking, and "cuello de ganso" usually refers to a gooseneck lamp or other curved object.

It certainly doesn't look like Google Translate to me (and I've seen lot's of bad translations of Spanish done with Google Translate).

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Chefguy and Why Not are presumably guessing at the intended meaning based on the context.