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Such a separation, and such a consequent state existed in the spiritual world a little before the Last Judgment, this, therefore, is the state which is here described; for the subject here treated of is the last time of the church, when a general judgment is at hand. There were ten words or ten commandments forming the decalogue, because ten signifies all things, and therefore by ten words is meant the law in its whole extent. The ten virgins to whom the kingdom of the heavens is likened signify all who are of the church, ten signifying all, and virgins the church.(References: Revelation 21:1) [5] That ten signifies all persons and all things, and also many persons and many things, is evident from passages in the Word where that number occurs. And again: "Jehovah wrote upon the tables, according to the former writing, the ten words which he spake unto you in the mount out of the midst of the fire." (Deut. (References: Deuteronomy , 10:4; Luke -21) [6] Since ten signifies all persons, therefore the Lord compared the kingdom of the heavens to ten virgins having lamps, going forth to meet the bridegroom, of whom five were wise (prudentes) and five foolish" (Matt. But five signifies some or some part, for some of [the virgins] were wise and some foolish.(References: Apocalypse Explained 223; Revelation ) [2] For every particular thing has its own proper and analogous expression, according to the correspondence of the subject in the natural sense and of the subject in the spiritual sense; and the subject in the natural sense here is a city, and the subject in the spiritual sense is the truth of doctrine.That no truths existed with those who remained, follows from what was said in the preceding article, namely, that, when the good were removed from the society in which the good and evil were intermingled, and were taken up into heaven, then, truths of doctrine no longer remained with the evil, because they were cut off from that communication with the good by which they could be as it were in truths as to their external and thus speak concerning truths from doctrine.Simplemente toca el ícono de lápiz mientras lees los textos de la biblia Bookmark The bookmark function allows you to mark your place in the text. Search and Compare verses (In App) The app has a “split screen” function that allows you to look up 2 verses at a time and read and compare them side by side. The King James Version in English Read the King James Version of the Bible in English. You can send us a message through the contact us function in the app.

(References: Matthew -30) [9] That those who in the world do not procure for themselves spiritual intelligence by means of knowledges of truth and good from the Word, are evil, is evident from this fact, that all are born into evils of every kind, and that these cannot be removed, except by means of Divine truths from the Word, that is, by the application of these to uses, and thus to reception in the life. This is said of a woman, and of her lighting a candle, and sweeping the house, on account of the spiritual sense in every detail of the Word.

For this reason mention is made in very many places of the virgin or the daughter of Zion, the virgin or daughter of Jerusalem, the virgin and daughter of Israel and of Judah, and by these expressions the church is everywhere meant.

(References: Matthew 25:1-2) [7] Whereas ten signifies all and many, therefore the Lord said of the nobleman who went into a far country, that "he called his ten servants, and gave them ten pounds (minas) to trade with.

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(References: Luke -20, Luke , -13, Luke -21, -14) [8] The case is similar with those to whom talents were given, to one five, to another two, and to a third one; the first of whom from his five talents gained other five; and the second from two talents gained other two; and the third hid his talent in the earth, of whom the Lord said, take from him that hath not traded and gained, and give to him that hath ten talents, "for to every one that hath shall be given, that he may abound, and from him who hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath" (Matt. It is taken away from him who has procured nothing of intelligence for himself, and given to him who has much, because when a man, after death, becomes a spirit, he carries with him every single thing that he has drawn from the Word, and from the doctrine of the church.