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This guide and the dating violence quizzes can help you recognize the signs of dating violence, what to do if you are a victim of violence or you’re behaving in a violent way, learn the differences between a healthy relationship and an abusive relationship, learn what might cause a person to be violent in a relationship, and what to do if you or a friend is experience dating violence.Dating violence can be emotional, physical, or both.Some people believe that emotional abuse isn’t as serious as physical abuse, but this isn’t true.Emotional abuse and physical abuse are both very serious.They can also seek confidential counsel and advice from professionally trained adults and peers.Resources for teens involved in abusive relationships include the following: The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.800.799.However, dating can also be stressful, and communication with a girlfriend or boyfriend can be difficult.Some teens find themselves in relationships where violence/abuse (emotional, physical, or both) is present.

The Helpline is accessible by phone or online chat and offers real-time, one-on-one support from peer advocates trained to offer support, information, and advocacy to those involved in dating abuse relationships as well as concerned friends, parents, teachers, clergy, law enforcement, and service providers.Both types of abuse have very serious consequences for both the victim and the abuser.It’s important to know that both guys and girls can commit dating violence.A person may be abusive to someone they are dating because: Drugs and alcohol can also play a part in abusive behavior.There are some people who lose control and act abusively after they have been drinking or taking drugs. Just because someone is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or has a bad temper doesn’t mean that their abusive behavior is okay.

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