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The people who should know best about the difference between being circumcised and not being circumcised are those men who were circumcised as adults.

Their stories cut right through the misconceptions based on philosophical supposition and ill-informed nonsense.

To me it no longer felt as if I were masturbating through a rubber glove, I could actually feel my partner and all her textures.

For her, the sealing comment was "oh wow that's good".

It annoys me that the anti circumcision lobby creates so many myths and lies about circumcision in order to prove their point.

I even read somewhere that one of them thought it was uncomfortable to ride a bike because he was circumcised!

Several years later I finally got around to having it done.

During intercourse (without a condom), she held back my foreskin, and the difference to both of us was immediate and amazing.

Growing up, the foreskin was not too great an issue, I was taught from an early age how to clean myself and practised proper penile hygiene.

I was aware that I did not look like most of my class mates, but I must admit it was never too much of an issue.

Hygiene is no longer an issue, the lack of foreskin keeps the penis clean at all times. On the contrary, I find intercourse improved 10 fold since the circumcision.

The few microns the skin that the glans may have thickened makes no difference at all to sexual receptiveness and I find it in some ways it is more sensitive.

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It got me thinking, and in some ways explained why up until that point I thought intercourse was an overrated activity.