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Consolidating payroll fein

To be profitable, a drugstore’s gross profits must exceed its operating expenses.

For example, a pharmacist-operated drugstore could report a “net loss” if the pharmacy owner chose to pay himself or herself a larger salary instead of reporting a positive net accounting profit.

A PHARMACY PROFIT PRIMER A pharmacy’s revenues come from prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, vitamins, cosmetics, groceries, and other merchandise.

A typical independent pharmacy generates more than 90% of its revenues from prescriptions.

ACH credit transfers include direct deposit, payroll and vendor payments.

Board of Civil Authority (BCA): a board consisting of the town clerk, the selectboard, and the elected justices of the peace, whose mandate is to assist with the running of elections, to act as a quasi-judicial board for grievances between taxpayers and listers, and to maintain the voter checklist.

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Read on for my look at pharmacy profits and my advice for pharmacy owners.In a previous report, the NCPA Digest defined the sum of Owner Compensation and Operating Income as Owner's Discretionary Profit (ODP).Thus, ODP represents two of the three ways a pharmacy's gross profit dollars can be spent.Here's the press release: Independent Community Pharmacies Vital to Patient Medication Access, NCPA Digest Finds.Below, I review our latest estimates on pharmacy economics and margins.

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The NCPA's Doug Hoey published his summary in A Roadmap for Independent Community Pharmacies. They do however provide the only publicly available, consistently published look at the financial position of independent pharmacies.